Cataract surgery

Cataract is a well known eye disease. The opacification of the lense which causes blurred vision. The frequency of this particular disease increases with age. Hopefuly, the cataract may be operated. The newest surgical techniques let to minimize the risk of complications and the surgery itself can by done by anesthesia with eyedrops, without the need of stiches. Thanks to that, in the majority of cases, the surgery can take place in the ambulatory requirements.

During the surgery, the intraocular lense, which is made of acrylic fabric, is implemented into patient’s eye. The latest IOLs (diffractive, pseudoaccommodative, multifocal) provide much better vision, both for near and far, without the neccesity of wearing glasses. If we add as advanatages high sensitivity to contrast and minimalisation of the side effects’ risk, like flashes and glare which are the most annoying during drivig a car after dark, those lenses are recommended especially to the active people. The cost reduction, resulting from the unneccesity of wearing glasses, is definitely an additional value.
Those kind of surgeries are performed in Gliwice. Contact with one of our clinics in Gliwice or in Rybnik, where our specialists will conduct a qualification examination and explain everything.

Marek Rzendkowski, MD , PhD