Vitrectomy – last chance to save your sight

Vitrectomy, known as the last chance surgery, is relatively new method which helps treating retina diseases that several decades ago were leading to inevitable blindness. How does it work?

When is a vitrectomy performed?

The retina damages may cause very serious sight problems. To save the sense, the surgery have to be done immediately. The indications to the operation are mechanical retina damages, vitreous body adhesives, eye strokes. Vitrectomy is also recommended to remove the retina membranes or to close the macular hole.

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What is the treatment?

The surgery relies on removing the vitreous body from an eye with the usage of special, microsurgical knife called vitrectom and replacing it by the other substance like a gas, infusion liquid or silicone oil to preserve the regular eye shape. The surgeon decides about the type of the filling – it depends on the type of disease.
During the surgery the special microscope and bright light are needed.

Does it hurt?

The operations requires anesthesia but in the few days t after, the pain in the eye may occure but standard painkillers should deal with it.
Although at the beginning the vision won’t be sharp, it should improve in time.
It is also important to know that during three weeks after surgery you need to be very careful to prevent wund infection. It is recommended to resign from doing sports, travelling by public transport, avoid contact with water an attend the check up appointments