Optical aids for partially sighted

Optical aids with NFZ refund:


Magnifying glasses

Binocular glasses

Galileo Monocular

Kepler’s Monocular

Optical aids with possibility of funding from PFRON:

Electronic magnifier

Selection of proper optical aids in our Ophthalmology  Clinic PRYZMAT is for free.  Lasts about 60 minutes, therefore, associated with the need for prior arrangement. All models are available.

Intrested person may use the free selection and the presentation of optical aids by qualified professionals.

Optical Aids Price including proper selection Place

Magnifying glasses for far vision MAX TV

from 350 PLN  Gliwice


Magnifying glasses for near vision MAX DETAL

from 350 PLN  Gliwice


Binocular glasses for far vision

from 1000 PLN  Gliwice

Binocular glasses for near vision

from 1000 PLN  Gliwice

Galileo Monocular for far vision+ near vision clip

from 780 PLN  Gliwice

Kepler’s monocular for far vision+ near vision clip

from 1040 PLN  Gliwice

Magnifying glasses – 3,4,5 i 6x

from 800 PLN  Gliwice


Electronic magnifier  – 5,7,9 i 12x

from 2240 PLN  Gliwice