Oculoplastic surgery

With age, collagen fibers lose their elasticity, which is reflected in the condition of our skin. The problem of lethargy can be mainly seen in the most delicate areas of the skin – the eyelids. Drooping eyelids can cause both – a health and esthetic problem.

Ptosis can greatly limit the field of view through the tissue and skin shading the cornea, and often occurring at the pupil. This phenomenon affects the comfort of our lives. Eyes get tired quicker during the work, we have the impression, swelling and heaviness in the eyelids. The first symptom of the falling age can be the raising of the eyebrows and wrinkles the forehead to increase the field of view. Flabby eyelids are also a question of aesthetic, especially for the ladies.

opadajacepowieki02 - Oculoplastic surgery

We offer our patients a surgical solution not only for a problem of falling of the eyelids but also other changes in the eyeball, among other things, such as:

  • chalazion
  • xantomatosis
  • pterygium
  • entropion and ectropion of an eyelid

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