A breakthrough in the diagnosis of eye diseases

PRYZMAT provides global technology SSOCT in clinics in Gliwice and Rybnik. You wear glasses, but sight is getting worse? Glass in your glasses have to be changed, on average, for a year for more powerful? Maybe your work doesn’t allow you to wear glasses?

Since the beginning of this year we implement the author’s program KODILESS 2016. This is a revolutionary diagnosis of eye diseases and treatment of diseases of the retina. According to this, we have acquired world class equipment for research SSOCT .Optical coherence tomography of the retina and optic nerve by Swept Source technology. Swept Source OCT is an innovative device, available with a year in the world market. It provides deeper penetration of the structures of the eye – the retina to the sclera – which gives you an image in a higher resolution than previous photos taken of the spectral devices (SOCT). Used in SS-OCT Triton, infrared light provides the best visualization of the cortex of the vitreous body and its structures. Moreover, thanks to a large maximum scanning width (12 mm), the camera has the ability to perform diagnostics and quality macular and time dimensions of the layers around the optic disc. Program is mainly dedicated to the patients with eye complications in diabetes.


The project also obtained yellow Laser 577nm with micropulse function . Another investment will be the device for surgery of vitrectomy 27G. The founders of PRYZMAT –Sławomir Bolek, MD, PhD and Marek Rzendkowski, MD, PhD – explain that the program was started with the aim of more accurate diagnostics and the fight against civilization diseases, i.e. diabetes. KODILESS 2016 is being implemented in two of our centres. Anyone interested in examination is invited to the clinic on Tarnogórska, 70 street in Gliwice, as well as in our clinic in Rybnik, at Powstańców Śląskich 3

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