pryzmat oku article fot ssoct 480x240 - A breakthrough in the diagnosis of eye diseases

PRYZMAT provides global technology SSOCT in clinics in Gliwice and Rybnik. You wear glasses, but sight is getting worse? Glass in your glasses have to be changed, on average, for a year for more powerful? Maybe your work doesn’t allow you to wear glasses?

iridex small 480x240 - Micropulse laser (available in our clinics in Gliwice and Rybnik)

You wear glasses, but sight is getting worse? Your eyes hurt, despite the fact that you care about them correctly? You go to the doctor for a check-up, and still don’t know what kind of deficiency do you have? Through the use of micropulse laser, we will help you to solve your problem with vision!

pryzmat oku article fot okuloplastyka 480x240 - Oculoplastic surgery

With age, collagen fibers lose their elasticity, which is reflected in the condition of our skin. The problem of lethargy can be mainly seen in the most delicate areas of the skin – the eyelids. Drooping eyelids can cause both – a health and esthetic problem.

pryzmat oku article fot laserowa korekcja wad wzroku 480x240 - Laser vision correction

Many people feel wearing glasses as uncomfortable in everydaylife but they also cause limitations in a carrier while working as a pilot, professional driver, fireman, working in a special conditions underground in the mine or at the great hights. The laser vision correction is dedicated to people up to 21years old who have a stabile…

pryzmat oku article fot witrektomia 480x240 - Vitrectomy - last chance to save your sight

Vitrectomy, known as the last chance surgery, is relatively new method which helps treating retina diseases that several decades ago were leading to inevitable blindness. How does it work?

pryzmat oku article fot zacma 480x240 - Cataract surgery

Cataract is a well known eye disease. The opacification of the lense which causes blurred vision. The frequency of this particular disease increases with age. Hopefuly, the cataract may be operated. The newest surgical techniques let to minimize the risk of complications and the surgery itself can by done by anesthesia with eyedrops, without the…

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